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VAmat® WC Douche (WC Attachment, the Space-saving Alternative to a Bidet)

A hygiene plus. Health and a sense of well-being are attributes that we associate with the modern bathroom, or are at least attributes we would wish for. If your clients don't have much space, they dread expensive alterations, or don't want to invest a great deal, more intimate care can be provided with a VAmat® WC douche.

The VAmat® WC douche has a continuous-flow of water heater that provides a consistently warm water temperature. Warm air drying completes the cycle. The operation is run very conveniently via a button on the remote control, using the start button on the housing or by means of foot-operated switch.
This product fits almost all conventional toilets. If you would like to know more about our VAmat® WC douche, ask us for more detailed information.

Manufacturer of WC douches, anti-decubitus seats and toilet seat boosters for 25 years

  • Ideal for accessible housing
  • Energy-efficient technology (lower power and water consumption)
  • Douching with warm water can be repeated as often as desired
  • Simplest operation via a button and by remote control, foot- or hand-operated switch
  • Fits almost all commercially available toilets, in a variety of sizes and colours
  • Nation-wide installation service

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WC VAmat

WC VAmat

WC VAmat

WC VAmat

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