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in the rehabilitation / medical supplies and sanitary fields, we offer you the following service:

To all our prospective customers,
Very often we have the experience that, when it comes to a product in the intimate and hygiene area, the decision-making process is fraught with questions because clients are simply not familiar with the criteria for a decision for or against the purchase. SPAHN REHA has set standards from which other suppliers take their bearings. So, we are the first and, to an extent the only firm whose

  • VAmat® WC douche can be restarted as often as you like
  • The seat contact function (user recognition) can be switched to douche chair operation or child safety lock, as standard
  • Has no water when at rest, i.e. fills itself with fresh water each time it starts and empties automatically after use
  • Works with a heating system (not a boiler) that always delivers heated water
  • is equipped with a quadruple safety system and is also suitable for women who have recently become mothers
    douching and drying duration can be preset using different seats – see our range of seats
    as a WC douche attachment, a lavatory cistern can also be selected and used in combination with different lifters

Our information should help to make the decision for our product easier for you. Since very much greater demands are made on a WC douche for rehabilitation than for mobile users, we provide additional information to help with your decision. In order of importance, the design criteria for our products are:

  • Functionality
  • Quality
  • Hygiene
  • Environmental balance
  • Design
  • Service
  • Cost effectiveness

Many years ago, the VAmat® was recorded in the GkV Index of Aids with the accessory number

SPAHN REHA offers you:

  1. Free qualified advice + product information with pricelist
  2. Liaison with our affiliates, if available, on-site where you live
  3. A range of suitable aids
  4. Explanation of the features of the suitable aid
  5. On-site explanation of the characteristics for optimum use of the aid
  6. Submission of applications to the cost bearers, including, if necessary, prescription and pricing information for private buyers
  7. An express delivery service
  8. A nationwide maintenance and installation service
  9. Assistance with billing the cost bearers as well as personal billing

We will take the time to help you! Telephone or write to us:

Spahn Reha GmbH Head Office, 63456 Hanau
Tel.: +49-(0)6181-63684
Tel:. +49-(0)6181-63684
Fax: +49-(0)6181-661173

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VAmat WC Douche description

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