VAmat WC Douche

Perfect in Detail and Simple in Use

How does the VAmat® WC Douche work?

The VAmat WC is a compact toilet installation that works in conjunction with the automatic flushing.

  • Starts at the touch of a button, as standard, using the manual / automatic / multifunction operation
  • Start button can be mounted in any position – optionally as a manual switch on the device or as a hand- /foot-operated control, with hands-free release or remote control
  • The VAmat WC works using a continuous-flow water heater and delivers consistently heated water
  • Warm air drying always automatically switches on and off after the completion of the time set or when getting off the toilet. The length of drying time can be progressively set for up to several minutes from the outside
  • The system is automatically emptied after each use and is always filled with fresh water at each start
  • The washing attachment can be placed in the optimum position from the outside
  • The strength of the jet can be progressively set
  • The VAmat® is available in white, Bahama beige and Manhattan (grey)

Many years ago, the VAmat® was recorded in the GkV Index of Aids with the accessory number This simplifies billing the health insurance for the customer.

Many Extras, One System

  • Additional fitting with anti-decubitus toilet seat or toilet seat boosters in various heights /sizes
  • The VAmat WC is easy to install
  • No structural modifications are usually necessary
  • Suitable for almost all commercially available toilet bowls – wall-mounted or standing
  • Safe, thanks to the fixed mounting
  • Grime-deflectors prevent build-up between VAmat WC and toilet bowl
  • All fixture components can always been retrofitted after installation! (e.g. WC seats, hand switches, wall switches, foot switches, starter on the left or the right of the VAmat)

Flexible Operation

  • Right-handed start (standard)
  • Left-handed start
  • Start controls on both sides, external start button:
  • Manual operation
  • Hand / foot control
  • Hands-free release
  • Remote control (radio controlled)

Which toilet bowl does the VAmat® fit?

Essentially, the VAmat® fits every standing toilet bowl without a fitted cistern, so we don’t need to list the models at this point. The VAmat WC douche is 21.6” (55cm) in length. For wall-mounted toilet bowls, mainly on optical grounds, the leading edge of the toilet bowl must be 21.6” (55cm) or more from the wall, in order for the seat not to protrude over the front edge of the toilet bowl. The rear area of the toilet bowl is fastened to the VAmat and should be fairly level (> 5mm), without a recess, so that the VAmat is supported horizontally.

If you would like odour absorption, we recommend a washdown flush toilet;
If you would like to observe the stools, we recommend a ledge toilet.

What does “e-efficient” mean?

In the VAmat® WC douche, energy is converted (electrical energy is converted into heat) directly in the water to be heated. There is no loss, i.e. the energy conversion is up to more than 90%. What is also positive for the energy balance is that the VAmat only heats when the water is flowing, i.e. when the water is being used to douche. The user decides how long to use the VAmat and the amount of heated water to be used. He has the advantage of being able to douche for any length of time with warm water.

VAmat WC Douche from above
VAmat WC Douche closed
VAmat WC Douche